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Concrete Memories | #in160characters 0

Concrete Memories

A string of light, reminiscent of a crack through time; stony silence, obstacle for clandestine thoughts. Nostalgia for this distant day in the future.

The Laughing Heart ~ Charles Bukowski 0

The Laughing Heart ~ Charles Bukowski

your life is your life don’t let it be clubbed into dank submission. be on the watch. there are ways out. there is light somewhere. it may not be much light but it beats the darkness. be on the watch. the gods will offer you chances. know them. take them. you can’t beat death but you can beat death in life, sometimes. and the more often you learn to do it, the more light there will be. [...]

Leaf Peeping Botanic Garden Edinburgh 7

Painting the path ~ the vibrant hues of autumn

“falling leaves hide the path so quietly” ― John Bailey ~ I remember a conversation which must have occurred pretty much a year ago. A conversation about the change of seasons, or better say the season of change. Pondering over time and the ambivalent perception of autumn a colleague of mine came up with a question that to me illustrates the abstract symbiosis between melancholy and beauty in a most remarkable way: “Isn’t it strange how trees [...]

fragments from animation work by Esteban Diácono for music video "Slowly, Comes the Light" by Ólafur Arnalds 2

Hægt, kemur ljósið (Slowly, comes the light) ~ Ólafur Arnalds

It has been a while since the last time a music video cast a spell on me. Within a few moments I immersed myself in a different world. Following the pace of the first piano tones my eyes seemed to tiptoe over the screen; deliberately and considerate, intending to preserve the slumbering silence. Intending not to wake someone up. Intending to dream myself… Well aware of the stunning soundscapes of Icelandic composer Ólafur Arnalds I prepared myself [...]

Spark of Madness | #in160characters 4

Spark of Madness

Burning ambition, daring, staring, a glow in the eyes. Dance with the flame, flaring, caring, the fire within. Praise the blaze, eventually, the ashes of life.

Front by Missy S. 2

Made by Hand ~ [No. 5] The Bike Maker

“For me it always has been a real struggle to get past the point where I’m pretty good for a beginner, to get into the point where I’m actually good.” It probably has been Ezra Caldwell’s attitude and his somewhat audacious approach that made him excel on so many different levels. A guy who valued curiosity more than convenience and passion more than prestige. Someone who constantly sought change and challenge, confronting life with a mix of [...]

Come Alive ~ Howard Thurman 6

Come Alive ~ Howard Thurman

Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive and then go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive. ~ Howard Thurman