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“I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.”

~ Albert Einstein


Embarking on this wee stroll of the mind with a quote? Above all without even mentioning the origin of these words?? It’s the ingenious simplicity of this aphorism which captivated me already a while ago. Without curiosity this little journal wouldn’t exist or simply would be a collection of blank pages. Without curiosity you probably wouldn’t even be here and leaf through them. Would we be at all??

longing for the unknown

Imagine one guy sitting at a table, pen and paper in front of him. His gaze wandering about, through the window and into the street. One guy juggling thoughts on a high wire of time while being part of a vivid patchwork of situations. Me being part of this patchwork. Me trying to collect some of them and put them on paper.

thoughts made visible

The aim of this virtual place is to capture mundane marvels. Me perceiving those fragments around and trying to shape them. This little journal should not only soak up inspiration and be in a way the canvas of my mind. It also should be the imaginary paper plane, sending the mind onto a journey – mine and yours alike. A decent dose of inspiration…

a vivid potpourri

Over time, the page(s) should fill with versatile inspiration, covering a range of sources. The probably biggest chunk will be words. May it be quotes from creative minds and pens, extended strolls of my mind in essays or compressed in 160 characters. 7Q’s will be sort of ping-pong with thoughts around seven questions to people I consider inspiring and IMAGinE words an attempt of storytelling based on pictures — so basically an image in words using your imagination…

The other parts understandably won’t go without words, but the emphasis will be different. Images focuses on all aspects of visual creativity, no matter if via stunning photography, subtle artwork or musing postcards. Another huge source of inspiration is without question music with tunes belonging to and creating moments. Videos will be the bridge between the previous two for some short audiovisual excursions. As empty as it may sound, but things should be the place for all the rest out there what deserves attention as well — no matter if an exceptional poster, brilliant book or the next exciting Kickstarter campaign.

What’s in a name?

I like my coffee the same way I like thoughts: short and strong — double Espresso with a dash of foam on top… Besides I do need paper and pen in order to be able to write. Everything with a keyboard involved results in typing. Coffee-stained journal is somewhere in between; writing with a tiny cup on the table. It is about pausing and savoring moments, about observing and smiles, about storytellers and listening, about wandering and inspiration, preserving and nourishing curiosity…

kaleidoscopic views

Like reading a book in a sidewalk café and looking up from it every once in while — no sight will be like the other, you won’t see one moment twice. The wonderfully strange consistency of change… The perspective of this space can only be equally limited. It’s a fragment of the world as seen through my eyes, some impressions and influences from the patchwork I call life and a plethora of creative snippets which have an impact on me. Snippets which not only should fill pages, but rather fill them with life. And as long as there’s curiosity, there will be blank pages — waiting to soak up new inspiration…

eyes of a child

Curiosity is nothing we need to learn, but rather something we run the risk of unlearning over time. Sustaining this thirst for knowledge can be a massive driving force for so many discoveries — on both a large and small scale. You know what sparked the interest of one of the greatest scientists of all times when he was little? A compass, gifted by his father at the age of five. His name: Albert Einstein, who said about himself “I have no special talents. …”

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