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Write like there’s nobody reading

October 3, 2013.Oliver.0 Likes.2 Comments

Being a few days into writing, collecting and sharing, only one thing seems to be clear: things are fairly vague.

It feels a bit like setting off on a journey. One of these journeys where not the destination matters, but being on the way. Not following a straight path, but creating one with a rash of distinctive bends and turns. Not afraid of being off target, but of grinding to a halt. Note to self: Write like there’s nobody reading…

This fragment of a thought along the lines of “… dance like there’s nobody watching …”, yet another tiny but massive manifesto. Telling myself it’s more important to do, than trying to do things right; more important to have a go at it than figuring out the right way – daring to fail. However, coffee-stained journal can’t possibly fail – as long as I don’t try to live up to expectations other than my own.

The right to be wrong

I compared the concept with a journey already and in a sense it even might be a substitute for travel. Settling only seems to work in conjunction with the term compromise – waiting, awaiting the next escape. Finding ways instead of grinding days… Coffee-stained journal will be such an imaginary escape, a shelter for the mind. I don’t see a path ahead of me, but it feels like I have strong legs right now, ready to carry the weight of my thoughts. Curiosity being the compass and driving force at the same time, yearning for the unknown…

It will be interesting to watch the enthusiasm flow, or should I say glow? It tends to be rather a stick of dynamite than a campfire, bursting furiously instead of burning steadily. As a result of doing things wrong or simply because of doing the wrong things?? In any case, it feels like the right thing at the right time – reflecting on writing and putting thoughts down on paper…

Seeding words, reaping thoughts

Coffee-stained journal will not only hold my thoughts but also unfold them. A flow of inspiration somewhere between shaping and sharing, between taking and making. A circular flow after all, comparable to the nature of a sponge: soaking up and squeezing out, aiming to keep balance…

It not only will be about exploring but also rediscovering; writing in order to let the mind wander. May it be a short stroll in the woods at dawn, a long walk towards sunset at the beach or even a large pilgrimage – the trail ahead will always be a path within as well. Wonderlust, straying mind… Sitting down, sending my thoughts on a journey and carefully listening, curious what they have to tell once they return. Monologues of silence on some days, dialogues with my mind on others.

I’m curious to put the pen to paper and see what happens. Will it be dragging itself down the sheet or spin around without restraint?? Like drawing a map of my mind, helping others to get lost…

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Comments (2)

  • Allison . April 8, 2014 . Reply

    Hi Oliver,

    What a lovely idea – write like no one is reading. . . I really appreciate how you make the case that it’s not about getting things “right” but instead getting creative, curious, free. This is my “dragon of Resistance” – the menacing voice that keeps telling me ‘you’ll never get this right!”

    It can be really hard to pierce through that. But your post is very helpful in reminding us that it is not about right – it’s about love. For the love of our craft, we write.

    I love Elizabeth Gilbert’s line: “I never promised the universe I would write brilliantly. I promised I would write.”

    Thank you so much for sharing this 🙂


    • (Author) Oliver . April 9, 2014 . Reply

      Hey Allison, thank you so much for taking the time to locate this post and leaving such a lovely comment! It’s wonderful to see how some of the idea behind “write like no one is reading” resonated with you. I really like the way your expressed the “love of our craft”. And the quote pretty much sums up how we should approach the question and what we should do…
      Thanks again and may your (s)words defeat this evil “Dragon of Resistance”! 🙂
      Best wishes, Oliver

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