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Walking Home From Mongolia ~ Rob Lilwall

November 15, 2013.Oliver.0 Likes.0 Comments


Back in November 2011 the two British adventurers Rob Lilwall and Leon McCarron set off on an epic winter expedition, a 3,000 miles walk from Mongolia, down through the length of China headed for Hong Kong, the place Rob now calls his home. Walking Home From Mongolia tells their story and is the retrospective of “195 days, 10 million steps and far too many instant noodles”; crossing the Gobi Desert, marvelling at the Great Wall, encountering the mighty Yellow River before finally making it back to the metropolis in May 2012. Basically from the horizontal extreme and the vast remoteness of Mongolia to the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong and its enormous vertical dimension…

The adventure is also sort of sequel to “Cycling Home From Siberia”, Robs three-year expedition which started at the far eastern edge of Siberia from where he set out for his native London, “through jungles in Papua New Guinea, and […] lonely passes of Afghanistan”. National Geographic picked up both of these epic journeys and turned the collected footage into a TV series. Rob and Leon share their experience in inspiring talks and their passionate storytelling turned into books and films as well. Quite sure they already have the next exciting idea in mind – no matter if the road is calling or home again…


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