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Present ~ the gift of time

December 24, 2013.Oliver.0 Likes.0 Comments

Reflecting on the meaning of Christmas might be a bit of a threadbare idea. However, considering the wondrous spirit during this time of the year it is well worth a thought or two. A celebration that roots in religion and seemingly changed its concept throughout the centuries. The celebration turned into a proclamation of a new zeitgeist; the messiah of our times that has been depicted in countless different ways, consumerism seemingly the smells and bells of Christmas in recent times. But can money buy moments?

Elusive values

People seem to sit awestruck on an imaginary sleigh pulled by an invisible force. The mouthpiece of marketing rattles off the commandments of consumerism, intending to turn us into obedient disciples on a buying spree. Instead of slowing down we tend to speed up. Instead of reflecting on the present we tend to rack our brains over presents – losing sight of the fact that time already is a gift in itself… Instead of spending money we should spend time, also allowing moments to reflect on ourselves. When the value of things changes the values of people we sell ourselves, our souls. It’s the value of people that matters, not the value of things…

Being grateful

I do like Christmas. Not the idea of buying goods in order to do good, but the celebration of time and the creation of moments. I feel fortunate to have wonderful parents and caring family, even though we are going to be in different places again, thinking of each other. I feel fortunate to experience love and the joy and pleasure of sharing and creating moments with a wonderful partner by my side. I also count myself lucky to spend Christmas in a warm house with some delicious food and good wine. However, not everyone is that fortunate. There are plenty of people having no place they can call home, people whose table may remain empty just as most of the chairs surrounding it, people who may have lost a beloved one recently or never really were lucky enough to enjoy a sense of family – not only during the festive season. Even though I’m not religious at all, I do lit a few imaginary candles for the less fortunate. And I do embrace the present, this most precious of gifts…

Candlelight 327/365 by Olli

Candlelight 327/365 by Olli


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