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Corollaries ~ Lubomyr Melnyk

January 22, 2014.Oliver.0 Likes.0 Comments


“Where were you guys when I was thirty?”

When the London based independent label Erased Tapes Records was founded in 2007, Ukrainian composer and pianist Lubomyr Melnyk was already 59 years old. Another few years later, his first major album has been released – the exceptional musician turning 65 in the same year. Corollaries, a silent breakthrough at an age when others already plan their days in retirement. So what happened in in the meantime? Was the audience missing or simply the stage?? The truth lies probably somewhere in the middle…

“My music can’t be separated from my heart and soul because they are one. That which influences me will influence my music.”

Melnyk’s began composing when he was still a child. Musical influences changed gradually, but it was one encounter which had a deeply fundamental impact on his later work and his unique acoustic language: the discovery of Continuous Music – a piano technique he describes as “transcendental”. Inspired by the minimalist movement he developed a new language for the piano and deepened a performance he compares with Tai Chi, due to the harmonious interaction of body and mind. He had a profound relationship with philosophy and discovered dance as the perfect physical training to challenge and expand the physical capacities.

“All motion becomes non-motion. Space and time all become one solid entity and the mind plays like rain on the surface of the road.”

Lubomyr Melnyk defined and refined Continuous Music over time, creating a dreamlike and meditative effect on the listener. The secret behind is a virtuoso piano technique where the hands become two independent entities and which involves almost supersonic finger movement in order to create the continuous, unbroken stream of sound, characteristic for this unrivalled piano language. One that has taken him many years to master and probably will be an lifelong quest to create the perfect “tapestry of sound”…

“Pieces like these are not just musical they are also emotional. By having a piece sit inside your heart and soul for months and months, your eyes eventually open to something new which means a certain amount of time needs to pass before you’ll even discover what’s still missing.”

Another noteworthiness is the album artwork by American contemporary artist Gregory Euclide, known for his cover art for Bon Iver’s self-titled album. Listening to early mixes of the recordings of Corollaries on repeat whilst painting, he created his very own interpretation, describing his visual counterpart to Melnyk’s work as “a continuous cycle of growth and decay”.
During the Corollaries Tour 2013 both artists shared the same stage, allowing the audience to witness a symbioses of two exceptional performances, a composition of true devotion and transcendental harmony. The video trailer already indicates how incredibly well the two arts melt into each other and what awe-inspiring and mind-opening experience their rare live performances must be…

“You just have to keep your heart and soul open and be ready to laugh and cry.”


All quotes except the introductory one are taken from the remarkable and truly inspirational interview conducted by “Fifteen Questions”.


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