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Old Balloons ~ Admiral Fallow

January 8, 2014.Oliver.0 Likes.0 Comments


Another bang to ring in the momentous year for Scotland after some contemporary Scottish poetry last Sunday… Keen to also allocate the first “Tunes” post to a local band I opted for a folk combo from the country’s musical stronghold instead from its capital. Whereas Edinburgh can be considered the literary hub, the epicentre of sound lies some 50 miles westwards, in Glasgow – acoustic influence that goes beyond national boundaries…

Admiral Fallow seems to be yet another mouthpiece of the manifold British indie scene. The Glaswegian quintet around front man Louis Abbott delivers an impressive range of tunes. Their incredible diverse instrumentation wraps the emotive song writing in layers of intense atmosphere. Some pieces convey an almost orchestral vibe while the voices of Louis and female vocalist Sarah Hayes float in the air, retracing the steps of their words or echoing their rhythm.

Old Balloons from the band’s debut album “Boots Met My Face” unfolds its subtle power especially on-stage, when the tune and its lyrics seemingly sprout and soar. A fragile intimacy that lingers before it finally erupts…


{header image by The Queen’s Hall}

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