How to be ~ Cetranger

Some stunning visual impressions from “Winter Wonderland” along atmospheric tunes make this video a decent cup of steaming aromatic tea for the mind…

The project is a collaboration of Russian artists from Izhevsk in the Western Urals. The photographer and filmmaker duo Maxim & Katia Mezentseva created a series of intriguing close-ups of natural motion and the surreal beauty of plants and landscapes transforms the deep electronic music of Anton Lanski into cinema for the mind. Cetranger seems to be the side project for some of his soundscapes which have been merged with the exceptional and somewhat surrealistic visualization by the ambitious twosome. A breathtaking struggle between delicate flora and biting frost that illustrates the ongoing change and transformation in the minutest details.

Some people may wish indeed the sky withholds some of its ambivalent magic and takes back his furtive flakes. In “How To Be” the snow and the cold form the essence of blooming inspiration, surrounded by an crackling fire in the fireplace of imagination…

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  1. October 19, 2014

    […] C’était une impulsion, une observation banale qui a été transformée en un magnifique et doux spectacle . Ou en utilisant un certain jargon musical: « piano », calme […]

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