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Berlin, Berlin ~ Nehemias Colindres

March 16, 2014.Oliver.0 Likes.2 Comments


“A poetic visualization of a city’s manifesto.”

Berlin, Berlin is the poignant ode by American filmmaker Nehemias Colindres to his temporary home, the vibrant and versatile German capital. Being born and raised in Los Angeles as child of Salvadorian immigrants as well as his family’s frequent moves within the city shaped his perception of a somewhat restless life far away from their roots. Having studied film he has been working on several music and commercial spots before. His most recent work is his first feature as part of a quadrilogy in collaboration with “Betti Berlin” filmmakers, Berlin, Berlin being the autumn edition in this series of short films, with the other seasons still to be coming.

Like any other day…

The film is an emotional patchwork as seen through the lens of the young filmmaker, intending to embody the essence of Berlin and its whole spectrum of life. Touching memories somewhere between hopes and fears, dreams and realities, aiming to blend in while searching for meaning – with wild hearts and the head in the clouds. A portrait of a place that is probably more than that and some poetry that may give you the creeps while watching and listening…


Berlin, Berlin
by Nehemias Colindres

Like any other day
It is the fleeting moments that we remember
What is it that binds us to this place?
We come to this city
Each with hopes, dreams and fears
What’s been left behind is no more
Today we start anew
We are the loved and the misguided
Aspirations are what brings us
Harsh realities are what awaits
Who will I become
Where will I be
In this vast city it is easy to blend in
Even easier to feel alone
Try and see past the forest
Find your kingdom
Fight the good fight
Losing yourself is the only way
Look around you
Listen to the whispers
As that light gets brighter
Know that it burns for you
Know that you don’t stand-alone
We struggle to find our balance
We run thru with our heads in the clouds
Our hearts are wild
We search for meaning
Here we are sleep deprived and hungry
Waiting for fate to knock
As the city breathes life into us
We find our clarity
We know that today is not like any other day


{header image by  Lyd.ium}

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Comments (2)

  • Lizzie . March 18, 2014 . Reply

    Amazing piece of film-work, thanks for bringing it to my attention Oliver! I like how it’s mysterious and somehow comforting at the same time.

    • (Author) Oliver . March 18, 2014 . Reply

      An incredible piece of creativity indeed Lizzie! Glad you like it and also were inspired enough to spread the word, much appreciated! As I said, this work deserves more attention and certainly will resonate with people out there – no matter what their relation to the city…

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