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Josh McBride ~ The Head And The Heart

March 26, 2014.Oliver.1 Like.0 Comments


“Not the last time we are learning /
Who we are and what we would”

There’s a wonderful nostalgia resonating in the lyrics of this song, vivid memories whispering a vulnerable yet powerful story of letting go. It feels a bit like reading through a long-forgotten letter that has been hidden in a drawer, a letter never sent. And the gaze gets lost in the elusive emptiness around trying to find an answer or at least a tiny bit of meaning. Josh McBride is looking back onto that winding path called past, willing to take a step forward after having turned towards the future…

Inner monologue

The Head and the Heart came as a revelation. Like stumbling across an unknown title in a pile of books and you feel the strange impulse that it has been waiting there to be discovered. I had this very feeling when stumbling across their band name. It was the intricate inner monologue the band name suggested that struck a chord with me immediately, that tightrope walk between rationality and instinct. A “promise” that had been backed by the first acoustic impressions and a gig in Glasgow in the exceptional Òran Mór a few weeks later that definitely lived up to our expectations.

Songwriter workshop?

The folk sextet from Seattle likes to emphasize the “DIY principles” that pretty much forms the essence of their music. A group of musicians that emerged from a series of open mic nights in the local music scene. Six different journeys that brought the bunch of young people to the city, each of them in search of their own creative path. Three songwriters shape the soul of their songs, embedded in a versatile musical ambiance, somewhere between bass, drums, piano, violin and a striking harmony of voices and mood. Tunes targeting the purists out there and a few sing-along songs that resemble the cheerfulness of The Lumineers.

TheHeadAndTheHeart @DBF2010 (11) by Radio Free SoDo

TheHeadAndTheHeart @DBF2010 (11) by Radio Free SoDo

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