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It has been a magical escape our trip to the Scottish countryside a few weeks ago, celebrating tranquillity at Loch Voil. Our eyes were probably sparkling with the same intensity as the gleaming peaks in the distance where the sun laid its enchanting spell on the snow. One of those weekends that feels like a marvellous patchwork of moments, where time seems almost absent. Disconnected in the truest sense of the word and away from displays of any kind and size. You suddenly realize the usual velocity of your mind and how much noise life tends to make while grinding days…


Fading landscapes

When we wake up that Monday morning, the day still seems to be immersed in dreams. We find ourselves surrounded by fading landscapes and it seems like the world became slightly more fragile overnight – struggling with the weight of the clouds and captured behind a heavy curtain of mist. We watch the breath in front of our eyes forming tiny swirls and wait until they disappear into the almost tangible air. The surrounding mountains seem to have lost their delicately chiselled features and blend into the impenetrable cloudiness and a strange absence of colours and motion. It feels a bit like standing on the platform of an abandoned train station, asking your imagination to bring the place to life…



Seeking detour

A fine layer of rain covers the sparse branches of the trees. Single drops which seem to cling to the twigs that carry them, determined to brave the wind. There’s some elusive beauty in this scenery. Like a delicate carpet of stars hung out to dry in the trees. Magic. Though less sparkling at first glance. There is no sun pulling white rabbits out of a top hat. Today it seems more like a curious shadow play behind a nebulous curtain – only the two of us forming the audience. We decide to take the long way home, seeking detour – still trying to see, still trying to be…








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Comments (2)

  • Gillian . March 24, 2014 . Reply

    Oliver, the pictures here are stunning, and fit with your words so well.

    • (Author) Oliver . March 24, 2014 . Reply

      Hey Gillian, thank you so much for lovely feedback! Glad to hear the “magic” of the sparkling twigs appealed to you. Quite a difference compared to the winter sun moments before, but still incredibly inspiring… How about a wee detour to Scotland maybe!? 😉

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